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mywakehealth access guide

Steps to access your medical record with myWakeHealth

If you look out for one of the most trusted health then you going to find out the myWakeHealth in that list for sure.

And as like the world moves on the myWakeHealth server also gets developed and still a lot of people are not able to access the medical record at the myWakeHealth with proper guidance.

You can do all types of activities with myWakeHealth but for that, you do need to do it properly, so that you can access your medical records and do all things easily with the myWakeHealth in no time.

So let’s see the most common problems being faced out by the patients for a long time

How to access your medical record with myWakeHealth

Accessing Test Results

If you had gone to the hospital and has taken certain tests and awaiting for your results and this might help you, where you can easily view out your test results within the myWakeHealth itself, when your tests are done it is posted in your electronic health record, it maximum takes up to 4 days for you to get your test results.

But sometimes your results might not be shared with you electronically due to certain reasons, because some tests might be sensitive in nature and you can get those results with your provider in person.

Incorrect Health Information

Most of the times your health information comes directly from the electronic medical record of the Wake Forest Baptist. If you found any incorrect medical information, contact your doctor and update him about this.

Because every time you visit the clinic your health information is kind of updated in the electric medical records and the chances of error is low. You can even sometimes request for an amendment if you want.

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Reply from doctors

Sometimes if you want some medical advice from the doctors through myWakeHealth or if you have some doubts, you can ask them through the application and you will be getting a reply within one or two days, also it is not advisable to use the myWakeHealth during the urgent situations, and if you want much faster response contact your doctors itself.

And if you are kind of busy and not able to get back to get your medical records and want some other people to get out your medical records then you need to fill up a form and provide out all the required details to get someone to access your medical records.

myWakehealth Login Guide

Things to do for updating your profile

Sometimes you might have already given some personal information about you in the myWakeHealth portal, and like you might have changed to a new house or got a new mobile number and wanted to update in the myWakeHealth portal then you can got to the preferences and then select suitable option to make the changes.