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Are you looking for getting your medical records, and other sources of information to manage your care then the myWakeHealth is the perfect portal for it since there are lots of other features also you can actually get with the myWakeHealth too.

So my wake health is actually a service provided by the Wake Forest School of Medicine which is also known as the Bowman Gray School of medicine founded out in the year of 1902 itself actually and while the North Carolina Baptist hospital was opened in the year of 1923 with minimum bed facility.

Currently, the medical facility has more than 100’s of buildings, research farm and also a downtown research centre too, and as far now Wake forest Baptist medical Centre is one of the nationally recognised medical centres plus also it is Forsyth country’s largest employer too with more than 14000 employees is working over there and operating more than 1000’s of beds at the same time too.

About myWakeHealth

As like we have said above this is a portal for patients to access the information that is needed for their care, there are other things which you can do with the myWakeHealth which is mentioned below and they are

  • You can send any kind of information you need to share with your doctor through a message.
  • Also, you can make an appointment with your doctor and manage those appointments and much more to do.
  • If your prescription gets expired and wants to continue with your medicines you don’t need to visit the doctor for renewal you can easily request for renewals with this platform itself.
  • Plus pay you monthly bills too within this platform itself.
  • If you forget to take out the doctor notes from the clinical visits don’t worry about it you can get it back with myWakeHealth.
  • Also, view your medications whenever you want, plus note down your allergies too.
  • If you have taken any test results, easily view it through here.
  • You can also do search the medical library to know about health-related queries.
  • If you have any family records with you, link it too.

Find out exclusive features of myWakeHealth

Getting enrolled or sign up for myWakeHealth

myWakeHealth Login

If you need to use the services of the myWakeHealth you must have an account with myWakeHealth for that purpose you need to signup initially first, for that follow up the below-given procedures.

There are four ways available for you to sign up easily and thereby

1. Signing up online with the third party

Forgoing to online signup page click this link, and then next after going out there you can find out two sign up options

  • One is matching your record with the data, so for that, you need to send some details such as name, address, other informations, SSN.
  • Once filled out everything submit your data, it would take 7 – 10days for processing your data, once approved you’ll receive a mail with activation code and instructions for activation.

And the online sign-up method is verifying your identity with the third party, which is a much easier option

  • For this process also you need to provide certain details asked by them, next your identity will be verified, once done if your request is approved, then you’ll receive your activation code for sign up.

2.  Signup using mail

You can also create your mywakehealth account using the mail, for that follow the below-given tips

  • First using the link goes to the form filling page.
  • And then next you need to provide your personal details and all other details asked by them.
  • Once done if everything is correct you’ll receive your activation code and instructions for activation sooner.

3. With Activation Code Signup

This is also a much easier method too if you visit your doctor regularly and you can get the activation code after your visit or after getting your bill statement, once you got the activation code go to the activation page, fill up your activation code and other details to create an account for you.

4. By asking in person

If you are kind of tired of this online signup process then still there’s another method for you where you go to the clinic and ask for them to create an account for you, where our officials will do this for you.

All of this verification process is actually done using the Experian third-party verification services which is much similar as like the top banks do.

myWakeHealth login / my chart login @

If you want to enjoy all the features of the myWakeHealth and mychart then you need to login into your account, for that follow the below given simple steps.

myWakeHealth Login

  • First of all, go to the login page of the myWakeHealth.
  • Once going in there on the right side you can find the login portal where you have to enter the login credentials which is username and password.
  • And then you’ll be redirected to your account itself.
  • Now you can enjoy all the features of the myWakeHealth.

How to Reset Password

If you have forgotten your passwords due to some reasons don’t worry you can easily reset it by following the process mentioned below

myWakeHealth Login

  • Go to the password reset page which you can find in the sign-in page.
  • And then next over there you have provided certain details such as myWakeHealth username, Social Security Number, Date of Birth.
  • After verification a password reset mail will be sent to you, using that mail you can easily reset your password in no time.

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How to recover your Username

Sometimes as like the password, you can even forget your username too and this is highly possible because we are humans and we are designed like that to forget.

So follow the steps mentioned below to easily recover your password

  • In the mywakehealth Sign-in the page you can find the Forgot username option just below the sign-in button.
  • By clicking on it you’ll be taken out to a username recovery page.
  • Over there enter out the all the details asked such as your first name, last name, Last four digits of your social security number, and dob, now click submit.
  • If you already have registered your email address, then your Username will be sent over there.

myWakeHealth bill pay

If you want to pay up your medical bills then you can easily do that by logging into your myWakeHealth account and then you can the bill payment options over there, once you find it you can see the pending bills and pay using any of the preferred methods.

Pay as Guest

Also, there is option available for you to pay as a guest too where you can pay the bill of your family members even without being part of the mywakehealth too.

Want to access your myWakeHealth medical records, check out here

myWakeHealth for your Family

There is an option provided out by the myWakeHealth for accessing your family’s medical records. But for that you need to have proxy access, only by then, you can view your family members health records.

Also if you have authorized proxy access and don’t have an myWakeHealth account, it will be created out for you.

And if you are below the age of 18, you can’t access it directly so you need to get the content of your parent or guardian in order to get the proxy access so that you can view your family health records easily.

You can get the Proxy Forms from the Health Information Management department, fill in the details and send them through email or directly hand deliver to the department.

Plus also you are not allowed to share your access with anyone even your closest family members too.


What if my activation code doesn’t work?

Sometimes this issues might where your activation code which you got from any of the above-mentioned methods doesn’t work,  Sometimes it might happen the Activation code might get expired after 60 days or else you might have provided the wrong information.

Still, if the issue persists you can use the register by mail option to get a new activation code if not contact the customer support they will help you.

What is the customer support no of myWakeHealth?

You can easily contact myWakeHealth using the contact support no 855-560-5111.

Why is my myWakeHealth account disabled?

If your account got disabled it may due to the reasons there may be suspicious activity on your account, sharing your account access with someone, or trying the wrong login credentials for many times.